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Books written by CAMFT members for professionals

Caplan, T (2010) 

The Needs ABC Therapeutic Model for Couples and Families: A Guide for Practitioners

Shows readers how to successfully tailor a therapeutic approach to meet the needs of couples and families. Beginning clinicians will come away from this book with concrete, practical skills and expanded theoretical base for their practice. 

Caplan, T (2008)

Needs-ABC: A Needs Acquisition and Behavior Change Model for Group Work and Other Psychotherapies

This book describes the NEEDS-ABC Model, developed by the author, and shows the model in use in group, family, couple and individual therapies. 

Klassen, Carolyn, O.T. Reg. (MB) MAMFT (2019)

Is there still time to run? A Message from your therapist before your first session

This book is specifically for therapists to place in their waiting rooms for clients anxiously awaiting their appointment. With beautiful pictures and a few words, it is an “adult quiet book” that normalizes apprehension about therapy, explains the process, and highlights the value of therapeutic alliance. Our clients have often read it prior to therapy to better prepare them for what the session will be like (and give them something to do while they wait those minutes before their session).

MacFarlane, Malcolm, RMFT-S

Family Therapy and Mental Health: Innovations in Theory and Practice 

This book explores the application of family therapy approaches to the treatment of a variety of mental health problems. A variety of treatment modalities are used with patients and their families to address these problems, including family psychoeducational approaches, the McMaster Model, cognitive behavioral family therapy, brief therapy, and systemic and narrative approaches. 

Neufeld, Viola, RMFT

Grateful for the Fight: using inner conflict to transform yourself and your relationships

Grateful for the Fight goes beyond resolving conflict to using conflict to transform lives. Neufeld cautions that the urgency in today’s society to resolve conflict might be a sophisticated way of bypassing the true value of conflict. If we let it, conflict can be our ally—an unusual window into the self. By investigating our fears and releasing them, we stand to make a true and lasting change that will improve our daily lives and every one of our relationships.

MacFarlane, Malcolm, RMFT-S  

Family Treatment of Personality Disorders: Advances in Clinical Practice 

Family Treatment of Personality Disorders: Advances in Clinical Practice examines the application of marital and family therapy approaches to the treatment of a wide range of personality disorders. 

Rovers, M., Malette, J., & Guirguis-Younger, M. (2018)

Touch in the Helping Professions Research, Practice and Ethics

Touch may well be one of the least understood or talked about subjects in the helping professions. A discussion on the importance and ethics of positive, caring, and appropriate touch in professions such as teaching, nursing and counselling is long overdue.

St. George, S., & Wulff, D. (Eds) (2016)

Family therapy as socially transformative practice: Practical strategies 

Offers practical suggestions for infusing social justice into daily family therapy practice. Encourages family therapists to attend to social justice issues in less traditional ways. Identifies successful teaching and supervision approaches.

Willis Thiessen, Evangeline MAMFT, RMFT-SM ((2023)

Clinical Supervision Training Handbook - Becoming a Reflective Systemic Supervisor

Many experienced mental health professionals (counsellors, family therapists, social workers and psychologists) are expected to provide clinical supervision without any formal preparation. It is now widely recognized that clinical experience alone is no longer adequate for ethical supervision practice. 

Tomm, K., St. George, S., Wulff, D., & Strong, T. (Eds.). (2014)

Patterns in interpersonal interactions: Inviting relational understandings for therapeutic change.

In this book we present a comprehensive view of a systemic approach to working with families, initiated by Karl Tomm more than two decades ago at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre in Canada. The contributors of this edited book articulate the IPscope framework as it was originally designed and its evolution over time.

Towers, Michael, MA, RMFT-S (2023)

Non-Pathologizing Approach to Counselling  

Non-Pathologizing Approach to Counselling Workbook 

The writer has constructed this textbook to equip psychotherapists who wish to sit with their clients in non-pathologizing ways. The writer’s hope is that our profession will recognize that continuing to do this work from the framework of the medical model (pathology) is not helpful or healing for our clients.

Welstead, Suzanne, M.T.S., RMFT (2009)

Searching For You: Ideas About Healthy Relationships 

Have you ever wondered what makes relationships work? In her first book, Suzanne Welstead reviews the key components of healthy relationships and how they help to build satisfying and rewarding relationships. Rather than focusing solely on intimate relationships, it is essential to examine all the relationships in one's life. 

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