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Did you know that the CAMFT Board of Directors and all Committee, Branches and Group members are volunteers?

Welcome to our central list of all the CAMFT committees, working groups, branches and groups. You can see all that CAMFT has to offer, ask questions and volunteer if you are interested. If you are not a member, here are some great reasons to become a member today!  

Committees need you! Contact [email protected] and tell us what committee you are interested in joining.

Kathryn Guthrie ChairMembership and Credentialing Committee 

Kathryn Guthrie, Chair


The CAMFT Membership and Credentialing Committee is responsible for creating categories of membership and the credentials required for each, as well as designing processes and forms related to application and renewal in various categories.

The Committee designs and maintains oversight of the credentialing process (i.e. how credentials are assessed and recognized), which includes reviewing, from time to time, the categories of membership in CAMFT, and identify the processes by which these categories are attained (i.e. what credentials are required)

Current Priorities (2021)

  1. Direct CAMFT’s ongoing transition from grand-parenting to credentialing of applicants
  2. Be engaged with efforts to support the creation of Pre-Approved Program and/or Courses in various training institutions across Canada.  (The Accreditation Working Group)
  3. Liaise with other committees, in particular the Professional Development Committee
  4. Continue to inform and engage members regarding the recent changes in CAMFT     
  5. Continue to act or be engaged as a resource with new members to support their goals of participation, and development in CAMFT.                                          

Ethics Committee

The The Ethics Committee's duties are to uphold the CAMFT/ACTCF Code of Ethics.  We do this by consultations with members and other committees about ethical matters, reviews of the code of ethics, and through receiving and reviewing complaints of ethical violations. Questions? To get involved with this committee please reach out to the CAMFT office at [email protected]

Professional Development

Cathryn Harris, Interm Chair

The task of the Professional Development Committee is to develop, administer and monitor the Continuing Education requirements of Association members, evaluate individual and organizational requests for Continuing Education approval when necessary, and provide professional development and continuing education opportunities for members, either directly or in association with other organizations. We need more committee members. Contact [email protected] if you would like to present a webinar or workshop to our members. 

International Conference Planning

Chelsea Carey, Chair

This committee has started planning  an International Conference for 2023.

Plans are beginning to take shape but

the committee needs more volunteers.  

Elections Committee

Janey Komm, Chair

The purpose of the Elections Committee is to find members that are willing to run for open positions on the CAMFT Board of Directors.  The process and related duties include (1) searching out interested members, (2) call for nominations from the general membership, (3) gather candidates bios, (4) organize and run the elections digitally, and (5) coordinate any related communiques from the committee. Nominations are hosted annually typically during late summer.  Results of the election are announced at the Annual General Meeting.

While the voting members of CAMFT vote for new board members, the board members themselves vote for the executive positions (ie., president, president elect, treasurer, and secretary). As a committee looking for potential candidates, we are conscious of succession planning for the executive and evenly distributed geographical representation of board members across Canada. 

Publications Committee

Dan Wulff, Chair

Participator is the name of CAMFT’s new journal that will be rolling out soon. This online journal will be focused on relational practice and practitioners, welcoming a wide variety of voices and ideas. If you would like to assist in any way by being a contributor and/or reviewer, contact Dan Wulff at [email protected]

Insurance Committee

 Sandra Scott, Chair

The main goal of the Insurance Committee is to have RMFTs added to the standard contract wording for large insurance providers (Canada Life/Great-West Life; Manulife; Sun Life and Blue Cross). A bit of background for anyone unfamiliar with group insurance policies/plans, many of you may have clients who have confirmed that your services are covered under their plan. However, those are currently non-standard (likely large companies or government departments, or forward-thinking smaller companies) plans. Our goal is to have RMFTs added as treatment providers for therapy/counselling under all standard plans.

A healthier workplace means fewer sick days, and disability claims overall. When people have choice and they are not out of pocket they can get the help they need when they need it and from the therapist that they feel comfortable with.

We have now some marketing materials, as education is the key.   We need to educate the general public, plan members, benefits administrators and decision makers at companies, sales/account managers and decision makers at insurance providers.  Next steps will also be launching marketing materials onto websites and social media, as well as hopefully radio/television. This is an exciting project. 

Student/Affiliate Committee

Rachael White-Simard, Chair

The Student/Affiliate committee is set up to encourage and hear the voice of the MFT student and affiliates.  Our committee meets to discuss topics of interest and the best ways to approach student/affiliate interests, concerns and questions.  Presently, our committee organizes the monthly Student Hangouts where students come together virtually to meet and talk.  Some of our committee members meet with MFT programs across Canada which aids in building relationships with MFT students; this includes an orientation to CAMFT and its accreditation process.  We are always looking at new ways to connect and communicate with our present and future MFT students and affiliates. Rachael is looking for  more committee members who are available to meet every 4-6 weeks. 

Research Committee

Michelle Laxamana, Chair 

The research committee's main focus last year was the Vanier Institute Research Project-being involved in the research and creating the questionnaire. The committee also supported other research branch projects. For example, some beginning work with the Military Families Group. 

This coming fall the aim is to work on building a stronger research committee team and more research idea generation for CAMFT. The aim is to meet monthly, i.e., every 3rd Friday throughout the fall and into winter and the hope is to explore future CAMFT research needs. We are looking to build a bigger team and generate more interest in the ongoing research and possible other research incentives moving forward. Please share the RCT news and promote interest in being part of the CAMFT research committee.  

comité francophone

Marg Barkman, président du comité

La mission du comité francophone est d'augmenter à la fois notre présence dans la communauté francophone ainsi que d'augmenter notre adhésion francophone afin que CAMFT devienne une organisation véritablement bilingue.

The mission of the Francophone committee is to increase both our presence in the Francophone community as well as to increase our Francophone membership so that CAMFT becomes a truly bilingual organization.  

Emergency Response Team 

Soon after the pandemic hit we realized many people were going to need a therapist to help them through tough times and many would not have the money to get that help. With the help of our members CAMFT created the ERT. A member of the public can complete our online form on our home page, asking for help. The CAMFT office will reach out to one of the members of the ERT who contact the client and provide three free sessions. We have had many requests from all across Canada although, most of been in Ontario. If you would like more information on the ERT please click here. If you are an RMFT and would like to be added to the list of ERT volunteers please contact [email protected]


David Fung, Chair

The Branches Committee came into being in 2019 (at the time known as the Regional/National Working Group).  Its original mandate came from the strong CAMFT board recognition that grassroots entities best form the regional bonds and relationships, and the organic networking that results, that a national organization alone cannot do. 

The existence of, and mandate for, the Branches Committee was formalized soon after our last AGM as a standing committee of the board; and most significantly, our mandate now has a home in our amended bylaws which makes provision for branches. 

The current mandate of the Branches Committee is to work towards expanding and facilitating regional and special interest entities that will allow for CAMFT members in those groups to come together to identify their own needs, initiatives, and projects for advocacy, public relations, community awareness, advancement of the profession, and networking. 

“The CAMFT believes that adding sub-groups to the organization to represent regional interests should be done in a way that facilitates maximum flexibility and ability to incorporate as many disparate forms of regional entities as possible so long as there is a commitment to furthering the profession of marriage/couple family therapy/systems therapy.” 

British Columbia Branch of CAMFT

President Deb Deeter 

This Branch is the first to be created, thanks to the hard work of BC members. If you would like to join this Branch please complete the application form. Please note there is an extra cost to join a Branch.

Email [email protected]

Alberta CAMFT Branch (Provisional)

Lisa Sawatzky, President

Our mission as an Alberta Branch is to provide an Alberta-based network of like-minded professionals to support, equip, and educate through a systemic perspective. Our vision is to become a province where healthy systems strengthen and enhance the holistic well-being of individuals, couples, families, and the greater community. 

Military Families Group

Allan Studd, Chair 

The Military Family Group (MFG) came together early in 2021.   We are a group of MFTs who work with Military Members, Veterans, and their families. We meet on a monthly basis, to share our experience of working with this specialized population.  Because of its high mobility, stressful work environment and often secret operations, military families have a unique set of problems and issues.   Military and Veteran families suffer from a stress not equalled in other population groups. Watch the Monday morning 'Updates' for information on when the next meeting will be. Any CAMFT member who works with military members or veterans and their families are welcome to join. 

LGBTQ2S+ Group

Emilie Ellis, Chair

CAMFT's LGBTQS+ interest group is a discussion and working group dedicated to serving LGBTQS+ clients, providers and communities. To be included on the mailing list for information and events please contact Emilie at: [email protected]

Bridges Group

Anjali Joseph, Chair 

This group provides space for us to look at the intersections and observe, share and exam some of the intersections between race and culture, mental health and family systems. The group meets on a monthly basis. This is not a BIOP group, it is a group for everyone. 

Accreditation Working Group

Kathryn Guthrie, Chair

This very hard working and committed group, with representatives from all but one of the Canadian schools who train C/MFTs across Canada (from Montreal to Langley) has been working for the past 3 years to create an accreditation process and policy for CAMFT. This process will have a profound influence on the future. 

Strategic Planning Working Group

Cameron Keller, Chair

Every quarter the Board of Directors dedicates one of our bi-weekly Board of Directors meetings to reviewing our strategy and tracking our actions.  We are very proud of the ways in which we’ve been able to move the needle during this last year on each of the our Strategic Objectives.  We will share more information about this at our 2021 AGM 

Name Change Working Group

Glen Paddock, Chair

CAMFT members have been talking about a professional name change for many years. 

When our Canadian identity became independent of the AAMFT we were free to consider a name change as we sought to create the public face of our profession. 

Although we have had some initial feedback and encouragement from members across Canada, the “bottom-up” philosophy of the CAMFT requires that we collect and prioritize membership input. A survey was done and the results are being reviewed. 

Ontario Group

Chair Andrew Sofin

The Ontario group serves as a discussion forum and meeting space for CAMFT members who reside in Ontario. The emphasis is on how to best support each other and further the practice and profession of CFT in Ontario. The group is seeking members who are willing to take on leadership roles. If you are interested in joining please email [email protected]

Atlantic Provinces Group

Chair Andrew Sofin

The Atlantic provinces group serves as a discussion forum and meeting space for CAMFT members who reside in the Atlantic provinces. The emphasis is on how to best support each other and further the practice and profession of CFT in the Atlantic provinces. The group is seeking members who are willing to take on leadership roles. If you are interested in joining please email[email protected]  

Contact the CAMFT:

(416) 907-4620

[email protected]

(888) 656-3495


P.O. Box 1064

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