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Volunteering for the CACFT/ACTCF Emergency Response Team 

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Emergency Response Team, we really appreciate your help! Please review the slides below which are an introduction to the ERT & Brief Crisis Therapy. If you are interested there is a level 1 training in Brief Crisis Therapy  available through the Brief Crisis Therapy Institute. BCTI was founded by the CAMFT members who created the ERT. Please use CAMFT25 to get a 25% discount on this training.

To be a volunteer we ask that you be licensed and/or have the appropriate credentials to practice in your jurisdiction. Students may participate in the ERT if their supervisor agrees to supervise the work they do and they have basic knowledge regarding brief crisis therapy models.

Please use these posts and poster to help us get the word out about the ERT! 

To watch the slide show, Brief Introduction to Crisis Therapy, please click this link to download the slide show in pdf. 

Emergency Response Team Requirements to be a Volunteer 

  • Only members who are RMFTs and/or licensed in their province to provide teletherapy, and are insured to do so may join the team. 
  • All session are via a secure video conference platform. 
  • You agree to see the clients pro-bono for three sessions. After that you abide by the CAMFT Sliding Fee Formula:
      • Minimum set fee is $50/hour  – You can lower it further if you so choose)
      • Set your fee by charging $1.00 for every $1000 of the client’s yearly income.
      • Maximum fee is your current hourly rate
  • You require all clients to complete your current intake forms prior to the first session
  • You complete your CAMFT Online listing and indicate that you are part of the Emergency Response Team
  • You let CAMFT know how many Emergency Response Team clients you are willing to take on
  • You agree to reach out to any client you are assigned within 48 hours of receiving the email
  • You agree to give the CAMFT one month’s notice it you want to leave the team

If you are interested in joining this team and have not signed up yet, please send an email to [email protected]. 

Contact the CACFT:

(416) 907-4620

[email protected]


P.O. Box 1064

Tottenham, ON.

L0G 1W0

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