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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions fréquemment posées

  • How do I join CAMFT?

Please read the information on our ‘Membership Explained’ webpage. After reading that page and reviewing the membership applications under the‘Join’ tab on, please email the CAMFT office if you have questions. 

  • If I am a member of AAMFT and want to join CAMFT do I need to complete an application? 

You may be able to be grand-parented into CAMFT in an equivalent member category. You can find a short application on this link under the "Join" tab. 

  • I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the United States. How do I join CAMFT?   
As an LMFT you are welcome to join CAMFT in the Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT) member category. You can find a short application on this link under the "Join" tab. 
  • Who can use the RMFT designation? 

Only CAMFT members in the Registered Marriage and Family Therapist member category are able to use the RMFT designation.

  • I am a Couple/Marriage and Family Therapist (C/MFT) in another country and I am considering moving to Canada. What do I need to know? 

Regulation of C/MFT practice is a provincial responsibility and varies widely from province to province. 

Except in the province of Quebec there isn’t  licensure for C/MFTs in Canada 

In some provinces, such as Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, all psychotherapists (included) are regulated. C/MFTs who do not already belong to a regulated college eg Social Workers, must join the regulatory college in the province in which they plan to practice. Other provinces are striving to have  psychotherapists regulated. 

CAMFT is not a regulatory body; our focus is on supporting our members in their training and in their practice. Our RMFT designation sets a high standard, but is not actually required for practice. 

  • If a therapist in the United States has a client that is temporarily or permanently moving to Canada, may the therapist provide therapy to them using a safe virtual platform?

You must find out what the rules are in the state you practice in. You must also find out what the rules are in the province your client is going to be in. If C/MFTs are regulated in the province your client is in you must contact the regulatory college. 

  • Where in Canada are C/MFTs regulated? (As of September 2020)

Quebec (as C/MFTs)

Ontario (as psychotherapists)

Nova Scotia  (as psychotherapists)

New Brunswick (as psychotherapists)

Prince Edward Island (counselling therapists)

If you are in a province that is regulated you must join the regulatory body unless you already belong to a regulatory body. eg RSW, nurses.

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