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Books written by CAMFT members

Armitage, Susan, RMFT 

Over the Walls of Anger, Into Each Other's Arms

What if anger in your relationship is actually a desire for deeper connection? In fact, this is often the case. It's quite a paradox that a desire for closeness stirs anger that pushes you further apart! Attachment theory explains this natural effect.

Baobaid, Mohammed and Ashbourne, Lynda Routledge (2016)

Enhancing Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response in Muslim Communities

This informative new volume presents the Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response (CIFSR) model that is currently being used by the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) in London, Ontario. Created to support immigrant and newcomer families from collectivist backgrounds struggling with issues related to pre-migration trauma, family violence, and child protection concerns, the CIFSR model focuses on early risk identification and intervention, preserving safety, and appropriate conflict responses.

Collett, Don, RMFT, (2019) 

Universal Spirit The Seasons of the Christian Year in the Company of Northrop Frye

To a church that increasingly addresses itself to biblically illiterate people, to people who may have little or no church experience, and to those who simply call themselves spiritual-but-not-religious, Don Collett’s look at the Christian year inspired by the work of the great Canadian scholar Northrop Frye offers a priceless gift.

Gordon, Maria, Ph.D,  Editor (2015) IGI Global

Challenges Surrounding the Education of Children with Chronic Diseases

Challenges Surrounding the Education of Children with Chronic Diseases explores the needs that children with certain conditions—such as diabetes, cancer, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease—might have in the classroom.

Hunter Murray, Sarah, RMFT, (2019)

Not Always in the Mood: The New Science of Men, Sex, and Relationships

If there is one thing we know about men and sex it is that men are always in the mood. Any time, any place. Right? 

Men’s sexual desire has long been depicted as high, simple, and unwavering.

Klassen Carolyn, O.T. Reg (MB), MAMFT (2019)

Nice to a Fault, Redefining Kindness in Marriage

A compassionate read for women who have unconsciously adopted traditional female roles of silence and submissiveness in the effort to be accomodating and understanding of their male partners in a manner that develops resentment and erodes at marital foundation. The author says: "Although it is written for women, I find that men often pick it up to better understand their wife’s perspective when she has asked him to read it."

Klassen Carolyn, O.T. Reg (MB), MAMFT (2019)

Thinking Therapy - No to Maybe

For many, seeing a therapist is so intimidating, they dismiss the idea without ever exploring their hesitations. Talking to a counselor might seem like a good idea, but you’ve decided against it before you even think it through—this book is for you.  Written with compassion, a therapist explores the reasons clients choose to attend therapy as well as reasons why counseling is not necessary. 

Kussin, Annette,  MSW, RSW., RMFT Guernica Editions (2020)

It's Attachment:  A New Way of Understanding yourself and Your Relationships

How do we make sense of our relationships successes and failures, preferences and challenges, past and present. And after we make sense of them what do we do to increase the successes that we are striving to attain. In "It’s Attachment" Annette Kussin offers us a comprehensive overview of this dominant theory of human development and relationships in a way that gives us both understanding and practical ideas for constructive changes. 

Kussin, Annette, MSW, RSW, RMFT 

Secure Parent, Secure Child: How a Parent's Secure Adult Attachment Shapes The Attachment of the Child

The book will help a parent determine his or her Adult Attachment, understand the challenges for parenting based on their particular attachment and then offer guidelines on how to change parenting patterns, again based on the category of attachment of the parent.

Redigonda, Silva,  MA, RMFT 

For Love of Country: Military Policewoman

As the first Canadian military policewoman to be stationed in Europe and the Middle East, Silva faced many obstacles in a male dominated profession. This book chronicles her twenty year career in the service. Packed with danger, humour, and excitement, it will enlighten and amuse all readers. 

Virro, Kristina, Associate Member

The Anxious Teen

With rates of anxiety hitting catastrophic numbers among today's youth, the question begs to be asked: why are teens so darn anxious in the first place? And what can we do to help? A guide for parents, teachers, and mentors.

Virro, Kristina, Associate Member

Your Mental Health Detox

A mental health detox involves abstaining from participating in unhealthy habits as a way of helping your mind and spirit feel rejuvenated, decluttered, and grounded. This  is a downloadable workbook. 

Welstead, Suzanne, RMFT (2009)

Searching For You: Ideas About Healthy Relationships

Have you ever wondered what makes relationships work? In her first book, Suzanne Welstead reviews the key components of healthy relationships and how they help to build satisfying and rewarding relationships. 

Young Kolbuc, Sandra, RMFT 

Gross Misconduct: Hitting from Behind

A Mother's love Story.  Gross Misconduct - Hitting from Behind, chronicles a mother's journey from utter devastation to finding a measure of peace and purpose, meaning and mastery in the days, months and years following the death of her children.

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